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Readerlink Distribution

We distribute thousands of books to over 40,000 retail outlets every week. Our three strategically-located, state-of-the-art distribution centers span almost 25 acres under-roof and can reach any retail store in America, using standard ground transportation, within two business days. We employ the most modern technology, like voice-directed picking, radio frequency scanners, automated returns processing and sophisticated quality control tools. In addition, our Six Sigma-based processes will ensure that your orders are filled correctly on time, every time.

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Reverse Distribution - A view of our debinding process.
Returns Center Processing - A view of the way-back process.

Direct to Consumer Fulfillment

ReaderLink has a state-of-the-art, white-label, direct to consumer book fulfillment platform. Our program offers great prices on a wide assortment of books that can be offered to your customers through your company’s website, with all customer-facing elements (packing list, shipping labels, package inserts, etc.) reflecting your brand identity. We can also help you develop exciting cross-channel promotions to provide continuity between your in-store, online physical and eBook programs. Let us help you leverage our vast resources to help you improve your sales, lower your costs, speed up your shipping and delight your online customers!

Direct to Consumer - A view of our fullfillment platform.

eBook Fulfillment

Readerlink has a state-of-the-art eBook solution that allows mass merchants and other non-trade booksellers the ability to offer eBooks through an easy-to-implement, completely branded solution.

Advantages to Readerlink’s program include minimal start-up costs, quick speed-to-market, limited technical integration and a device-agnostic solution. The Readerlink’ solution allows the retailer’s customer the freedom to shop and read the way she currently does, without locking her into a specific program or device. ...more

Print On Demand (POD) Technology

Readerlink has partnered with Xerox and On Demand Books to make available the Espresso Book Machine® and EspressNet® content to non-trade booksellers in the United States. The Espresso Book Machine® is a patented, automatic book making machine that creates a bookstore quality paperback, in minutes, at point-of-sale.

The EspressNet® proprietary software connects the Espresso Book Machine® to a vast library of content, and provides transaction reporting for retailers and publishers. The Espresso Book Machine® captures valuable customer transaction records and analytics to drive publisher and retailer sales. ...more

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